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In a World Where You Can Be Anything



Unsure how to help?

Vol role
  • Boat drivers- USA Waterski trained position

  • Spotter- trained position

  • Jet ski drivers- driving support/safety jetski behind waterski boat

  • Jet Ski jumpers- riding on back of support jetski and able to jump in the water and assist if necessary 

  • Side water skiers- skiing with/beside adaptive athletes, volunteer should be a confident water skier

  • Athlete prep- getting adaptive athletes ready to go water skiing 

  • Athlete transfers-able to lift and assist adaptive athletes in transferring, along with assiting adaptive athletes to and from beach 

  • Jumpers/catchers- confident swimmers who can be in the water near shore or dock area and assist adaptive athletes to and from shore 

  • Registration-greeting and assisting adaptive athletes, their guests and volunteers 

  • Announcer-announcing athletes for their turn to ski

  • Photographers- can be taking pictures on the lakeshore, on the dock, or from a ski boat 

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